Thursday, April 15, 2010


This is Sasha, a dog that I regularly walk. True to her breed(she is a Golden Retriever), she is good natured, friendly, energetic and strives to get wet, muddy and full of burrs. Goldens are very attracted to each other and play with only the briefest of introductions.

6x6" Oil on masonite


AutumnLeaves said...

She is beautiful, Catherine!! You walk dogs? How cool is that! Maybe I should attempt that myself (I can't walk my own as they pull me right off my feet!); I'd at least get some exercise!

GoLightly said...

Hai, I am golden.
Love me.
My love is a bucket, full of you.


Great "shot" of their entire being.
They glow, don't they?
and not always in a good way:)
Well, they do seem to like mud.

Call Wendy, tell the old bag to call me!