Sunday, March 28, 2010

Classic Car Sunset

Of all the things for me to be interested in, I never would have thought classic cars would be on the list! I attended a classic car show last summer, and I was smitten! It was such a beautiful time of day too, not long before sunset, when the shadows are long and the light is rosy. I wanted to get into this baby, and drive down Route 66.

6x6" Oil on gessoed masonite



AutumnLeaves said...

I too love classic cars and would love to own one myself. I thought this was a drive-in, Catherine! A perfect place of repose for an old classic car! LOL Now...this is a wonderful painting that appeals to me on quite a few levels, technique, color, composition, and your gorgeous style.

Classic Car Sales said...

I am looking for a pre-owned truck. Can you help me with this? I'd be waiting for your response. Thank you in advance. Anyway,I am working on a tight budget. The lower the price the better. ;0) Thank you and more power to you!