Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Man Resting

This is another submission to the weekly painters challenge called Different Strokes From Different Folks hosted by artist Karin Jurick.

I have always veered away from painting people, but they provide such an endless supply of fascinating subject matter that lately I have been taking more risks. This challenge has been a great learning experience.


Claire said...

Beautiful job on this - I really like your soft, subtle colors.

Ann Gorbett said...

Very nice painting, Catherine. Love your brushwork.

Mark Bridges said...

You've done him up nice.

dominique eichi said...

well done !

Becky Drees said...

Nice brushwork, Catherine. A lovely piece.

GoLightly said...

people art.

Gimme horsies:)

had great fun with your pack of dogs yesterday.
My dogs are still snoring..
betcha Wilson is comatose for a week.